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Guangzhou Amphenol Sincere Flex Circuits Co ., Ltd is a leading producer of value added flexible printed circuits and rigid-flex products for the Industrial, Electrical Vehicle, Medical, Robotics, and other commercial markets. As a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, the second largest interconnect company in the world, we can offer a broad range of products to provide you the best value and best solutions for your needs. Our modern 15,000 Square meter factory located in Lanhe Town, Guangzhou City specializes in full turnkey solutions from design concept through mass production product anywhere in the world. We recently added a Value Add Center of Excellence in Pecs, Hungary ((Amphenol Sincere Industrial Products)) to further support the EV revolution as well as other markets in Europe. Let us know how we can help you.

Amphenol Sincere is certified with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949, and AS9100 Rev D and are compliant with RoHs & WEEE requirements.

Corporate Culture
Corporate Vision
Corporate Mission
Corporate Values
Corporate Spirits
Corporate Philosophy
To provide the best electronic products matched with the development of science and technology in the world.
For Amphenol Sincere, we are not accustomed to mediocrity and stereotype. We refuse to shift with the flavor of the moment. We are committed to our international vision and keen product insight, and customers in close contact with the sensitivity of the design, cost, function for the best electronic supporting products. Free from the shackles of rules and regulations, we create unique and excellent value of Amphenol in the development of market and technology !
To strive for the happiness and growth of employees, for the trust and satisfaction of customers, and for the harmonious development of society
Corporation-Employee:Grow and flourish together

Corporation-ClientLearn from each other and win through joint efforts

Corporation-SocietyContribution to social happiness and harmony

People-oriented、Corporate Loyalty、Social Devotion、Better Future through Joint Efforts


The survival and development of a corporation depends on its employees who are full of emotion and dedication. To make sure that the employees give full play to their subjective initiative, the management should regard the employees as their family members, take the initiative to play an exemplary role, and regard the training of employees as their primary responsibility to achieve their goals.
Management should start from solving the problems that are urgent to employees, try their best to help employees solve the difficulties they encounter in work and life, and solve their future worries in an effective way.

Corporate Loyalty

 INAMORI KAZUO once said, if you are committed to one field or one profession, are not bored or anxious and work hard, your life will blossom and bear rich fruits.
Loyalty is not only the most valuable quality, but also an important moral character to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the corporation's strategy and employees' personal career.
Employees should be loyal to their profession, corporation, customers and family. At the same time, the corporation is also loyal to its employees, concerned about their fundamental interests in the corporation, committed to supporting and educting its employees, helping them improve their ability, mental maturity and personal growth.

Social Devotion

The spirit of dedication is the ideological realm and spiritual quality of the people of Amphenol Sincere, and it is a strong spiritual power to promote the development of the corporation.
The corporation adheres to the goal of social responsibility of self-development and service to the society. With the development, the corporation realizes the growth of employees, customer satisfaction and government confidence, and promotes economic development and social harmony.    
The corporation advocates employees to work hard, be willing to contribute, consciously safeguard the corporation's interests and image, be enthusiastic about social welfare, abide by social morality, and create a society with high ethical standards.

Better Future through Joint Efforts

The most important thing to run an corporation is to unite people together. How can we unite people together for a long time? It is to portry the common dream and the common goal to pursue.
Let the employees understand the corporation's goals and problems, so that every employee can think and seek solutions like the general manager, can contribute labor and wisdom to the corporation, and can achieve the common growth of the individual and the corporation. At the same time, employees can share the business achievements of the corporation, truly form a community of common destiny, and gain happiness in the prosperity created together.
The corporation and employees exist in the same community. If we find each other, it will be the most wonderful fit in the world. Mutual achievement is the best relationship between the corporation and employees. Let's work hand in hand to find the way to happiness and achieve a common future!

Sincere、Creative、Fight to be the best、Enjoy Challenge、Great Love


When it comes to sincerity, everyone is familiar with it. Sincerity is the most basic moral standard in interpersonal communication, and also the most important code of conduct between people and corporation, corporation and corporation in modern management.
A corporation should think about its employees through self-examination, should treat and respect employees with sincerity, and should attach importance to employees. When employees treat their colleagues sincerely, a strong cohesion will be generated.
At the same time, we should have faith in our customers. The competition of corporation requires not only the quality and price of commodities, but also the management and service of corporation. In addition to the external performance, what is more important is the internal credibility. The quality, price and service of the same products are comparable, but the products produced by famous brand corporation are more favored by consumers. Sometimes, even if the price is higher, they also occupy an advantage in the market. This is where the role of reputation and public praise thrive.


Innovation includes innovation for technology, management, strategy and mindsets. It is the soul of corporation manufacture and development, and the necessary condition of survival and seeking for new opportunities.
The corporation encourages employees to think boldly, to innovate boldly, to pay attention to practice, and to make a qualitative leap. At the same time, employees should constantly improve their personal professional level, should focus on the needs of customers, should think from multiple angles and in multiple aspects, should timely resume experience and should cultivate innovative thinking, so as to make internal independent innovation ability become the core competitive advantage of corporation development and win the market competition.

Fight to be the best

People tend to maintain the status quo rather than change. "No change, be content with the status quo" is one of human nature. However, if we are comfortable with what we have, if we refuse to try new things and to accept new challenges, it is already the beginning of retrogression.
With the development of science and technology, customer's expectations and demands are also changing. If we stick to the past and do not make progress, the corporation will not develop and even maintain the status quo. We must be aware of the needs of customers in advance and constantly create new values.
The so-called challenge is to set high goals and create new things while denying the status quo. The word "challenge" sounds brave and forthright, but it means to start a fight. Behind the word challenge, we must have the courage to confront upcoming difficulties, the endurance to spare no pains, and the extraordinary efforts. On the contrary, people who lack courage and endurance or who are lazy should not casually put the word "challenge" on their lips. Courage does not mean blind bravery and three-minute passion.

Enjoy Challenge

Great love is the universal love, that is, to have love for everything, to learn to contribute in life and to have great love.
Great love is an attitude and a steadfast character. No one is perfect and nothing is perfect. Don't look at everything in a harsh and acute way. You need to offer more patience and opportunities to the people you love, cherish and support each other, and don't be complacent and complaining.
Great love is a noble quality of humanity. Great love and care between people is a kind of social conduct and virtue. Since ancient times, great love and care has always been a virtue advocated by people. It is a string and a bond for people to maintain family harmony and social harmony. When we leave great love and care, social development will be difficult to continue, and social order will be chaotic. Great love is priceless, great love is invisible. A gentleman talks about universal love. Great love comes from little love, and little love cultivates great love.

Great Love

Great love is the gratitude and tolerance of human feelings. We should not only be grateful for the upbringing of our parents, but also for those who have helped you and loved you so much. In our daily life, we can't do without the integration with the society.
Therefore, we choose tolerance, like resorting to the wisdom bag. We can not only cultivate tolerance and self-restraint, help people to be comfortable in life and work, but also silently resolve prejudice and misunderstanding. Everyone can be tolerant and inclusive in dealing with unpleasant and unfriendly matters. Smile at each other, be gratitude and forsake enmity, and calmly and rationally turn fighting into friendship.
If everyone is always self-centered, how can our society be harmonious? What the society needs more is harmony, empathy and tolerance.
There is love in the heart of everyone. Let great love contain everything.

Attention to Details、 Innovation &Pragmatism、Quality Foremost、Careful Management、Affection with Love

Attention to detail is an attitude and a virtue. People who pay attention to details not only take their work seriously and do small things carefully, but also find opportunities in the process, so that they can embark on the road of success

We should adhere to the attitude of seeking truth and pragmatism, adhere to the serious executive power, put ourselves into practical work with a strong sense of dedication and responsibility, touch the truth, tell the truth, do practical things, seek practical results, do not engage in formalism, and ensure that every work has achieved tangible results.

Providing reliable and qualified products is not only the basic social responsibility of corporation, but also the quality on which a corporation rely for survival.

KAZUO INAMORI, the God of Japanese management, believes that management should be based on "people's mind management". Business management is to manage people's mind, and people's mind management is the most effective management. Change the mentality can change life, everything begins with the heart, and finally the heart. If we bring our altruism into full play, the management problems of "people" and team in management science will be solved.

"Altruism" is a kind of art to resist the heart, for each other's sake, understanding each other, accommodate each other, in exchange for each other's respect, let each other see the sincerity, and lay the foundation for the integrity of both sides. In the cooperative environment of mutual trust, a corporation can have a virtuous circle and achieve a win-win situation.

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